TOP BITCOIN CASINOS & CASINO REVIEWS: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018 (recommended bitcoin casino: FORTUNEJACK CASINO RATING – 9.5/10)



There is a lot of flexibility in deposits and withdrawals at this FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino. Any one can obtain the crypto of their choice right from inside of the website without any obstruction. The minimum withdrawal at present is set at 0.001 BTC or its equivalent in other currencies. Here, the withdrawals are carried out very swiftly that are processed within matter of minutes in most of the cases.




The mBit Casino was launched in the year of 2014. Since, then it has managed to emerge as one of the best selection available on the Bitcoin Gambling market. To converse about the gaming of this Bitcoin Casino site it is differentiated into a few categories likewise, baccarat, blackjack, branded games, dice, jackpot games, live games, lottery, high stakes and still more.




The players are attracted to this BetChain Bitcoin Casino for its providing wide variety of promotions and bonuses, specially for those who adores to wager a little bit more. To prove this there is a Welcome package that contains a 100% welcome bonus, up to 1 BTC along with 50 free spins as well. Other promotions are like free spins given almost every day.





Betcoin not only strives on the Bitcoin Gambling front but even delivers promotional material with many Bitcoin bonuses that are presently in effect. These bonuses and promotions may change in accordance with season and time of the year. This Bitcoin Casino always offers a welcome bonus and as well as additional deposit bonuses while the money is allocated. Since, the navigation of the Betcoin website is user friendly, it is easier to claim the bonuses.




1xBit is a qualitative Bitcoin Casino. This casino is good enough to offer a wide range of top notch gaming. This Bitcoin Gambling platform possesses everything such as casino games, slots and a thriving sports market respectively. Having constituted with such variety of options and an ability to handle the customer experience very easily, 1xBit is a sure website for aspiring Bitcoin Gamblers.



mega wins

MegaWins is an online Bitcoin Casino that attracts its players with its plenty of bonuses and promotions. The starters will be awarded with an aggregate of three deposit bonuses. If the first one is of 110% worth of the deposit, up to one Bitcoin in size, the other two are a little bit tiny in size. This casino offers a VIP program which is categorized into an aggregate of 7 tiers. This program function by granting the players access to points.




PlayAmo is a Bitcoin Casino designed to create memorable experience for those who admires for more wager. By putting focus on this, this casino is offering a profitable VIP program that contains many levels depending upon the point winning.  As of now, the present levels are amateur, rookie, intermediate, pro star, superstar, VIP, Diamond, Royal, and Godlike respectively. Finally later on reaching to the higher pedestal I.e; godlike level a player is rewarded with 488 GTB as a gift from PlayAmo.




Apart from accepting Bitcoins for payments, this Bitcoin Casino offers multiple deposits methods. By keeping this in view the players can make ddeposits by means of Skrill, debit/credit cards and lastly but not least Bitcoins. Here, the withdrawals are processes immediately and rapidly that are going to be carried at any time. Fortunately this casino is offering a modern feature for its players to gamble via as much virtual money as they wish.




The Bitsler which is a great popular Bitcoin Gambling platform is possessing a unique feature that reflects the aggregate number of bets placed constantly on the homepage that are inclined to be updated for every three seconds. This feature along with the absence of registration and simple UI, syndicates together making Bitsler an awesome place for betting. The millions of bets that are placed on the games are Dice, Multicolour, Blackace, and Caraycruz respectively.




MegaDice is definitely a feasible Bitcoin Casino. The best feature of this casino is the capacity to place the bets on the blockchain. This casino’s greatness lies in its provably fair gaming.  Here, the web based gambling experience is very standard.  Players just simply choose their odds, and selecting the amount which they like to wager and then roll the dice.


BITCOIN CASINO: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018

The cryptocurrency mania is ever increasing day by day. By witnessing several billions of dollars, that are extracted out of thin air by overnight, is really a prodigy. The headlines, blogs, and the entire media is speaking about a newly discovered prosperity, which can be felt like the hidden treasures found at last. Since the entire news is revolving about the Bitcoin and other currencies, the countless gambling addictions, have been popularized with the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

bitcoin casino

The avail of Bitcoins proves very much magnificent, since it is available for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Samsung, and so on. BTC is exclusively meant for its lightning fast speed at any time of the year through out the year, no matter whether it is day in or day out. It can also be availed in the processes of depositing bonus, holiday bonus, VIP trips, personal hosts and so on. Now, there might be a curiosity for the online gamblers to know the difference between Bitcoin Gambling and Bitcoin Trading. The following runaway information may discloses the disparities between both.


It is a known fact, that the Bitcoin price has reached to an higher pedestal. However, the recent hike is revealing the unpredictability of this digital currency.

bitcoin casino

As a result there have been a plenty of conversations and speculations that have cropped up, which are closely related to Bitcoin trading and Bitcoin gambling. And moreover, the one question that is pricking everybody’s mind is whether it is Bitcoin trading or Bitcoin gambling?. Therefore, the answer would be as follows:


Trading via cryptocurrencies is genuinely different from Bitcoin Gambling. However, it is not at all completely different from trading currencies such as EUR, USD, or GBP respectively. At, anytime the main principle will be the same like “buy low” and “sell high”. Right at this moment, one has to memorize, that the BTC is not at all associated with any government or monetary policies straightly. Therefore, witnessing the major upcoming news will not fetch the similar payback. It is to be understood, that Bitcoin trading needs deep technical analysis, which is different from general Technical Analysis, that traders are availed to.

bitcoin casino

It is to be noted that the Bitcoin Trading is required to have a great capacity for exactly spotting the support and resistance levels, likewise the usual technical analysis, and that results in getting familiarity with the present web and crytocurrency trends. It is advised that, for getting the fundamental knowledge of deep web and the things going upon there, since BTC is availed as the main payment option in it.

In addition to that, Bitcoin trading can be performed in few more different methods. The most common way is trading BTC and USD or BTC and EUR with forex brokers or various Bitcoin exchanges. It must be ensured that, the broker, with whom the trading is with Bitcoins, which offers BTC trading.

bitcoin casino

There is an another method of BTC trading. And that is just to purchase BTC’s online from cryptocurrency bank or BTC holders and to sell them, no sooner than the price, goes to its highest. Hence, there is sufficient demand at this moment.

One of the most unusual way of BTC trading is by means of mining them. This process needs the user for joining the existing mining networks or building own and earn BTC’s there. No sooner than, the sufficient Bitcoins are mined, they can be transferred to the wallet and exchange for any major currency or goods. Importantly, this is not actually trading, but the user have to go for considering the expenses like electricity and ensure the upcoming BTC price will cover entire things.


what is BTC Gambling? BTC Gambling is surely a matter of relaxation. Because, it is one of the choice that one can make. This does not need any reading of books and any webinars, that is to be watched. It is a true fact, that Gambling must bring a lot of joy and fun. And also there is no need of a technical analysis and deep web trends knowledge for it. That is the main reason for the first BTC gambling method, which was been performed thru binary options. After finding, the binary option broker, that has BTC’s in its portfolio, it is almost ready for going. The easiest method for gambling upon binary options is to avail standard binary option. Even, this can be experimented by means of Touch or Ladder options and can be picked up the one that suits most. More the different types, that used, the more fun is likely to receive.

bitcoin casino

There is an another BTC gambling method is there, that can be availed by online BTC casino. That kind of casinos allows the deposits thru cryptocurrencies and permits the gamblers for betting. So it is very simple. No matter, whether the player enjoyed it utmost like, Blackjack, Roulette or courchevel, where Bitcoins can be availed for gambling, to receive a plenty of fun and entertainment.


The choice in between trading and gambling upon Bitcoins is surely straightforward. if the BTC user is familiar with cryptocurrency trends and Forex trading, then the choice must be trading. If there is no a concept of Forex trading, but at the same time, there is no an aspiration for Gambling, then it would be better to start with proper Forex trading courses. Later on, going through some of the fundamental strategies and investing some time upon trading on a demo account, one can learn the entire things regarding Bitcoins and can get started with Bitcoin Trading afterwards.

bitcoin casino

If desiring for wanting of more fun and have no time for learning trading techniques, then the choice must be Bitcoin Gambling. As already told, the gambling can be done upon binary options, as well as at online casinos. Hence, choosing one that suits best and can go and start for having lots of fun. It is simply advised that, to have a glass of wine and cigar, for metamorphosing the environment still more convenient.


The biggest challenge for cryptocurrency gambling sites, is no doubt, the upgradation of Bitcoin itself. Even now, there exists an higher educational barrier for a user to enter. By means of Visa and masterCard the people can transact, without knowing, that how the payment network functions. Whereas, for transacting with Bitcoin requires yet a bit of technical knowledge.

bitcoin casino

Some prospective companies have established mainstream campaigns for educating the potential players regarding Bitcoin. But, as a result it has been understood that, the Bitcoin Community has to talk about things collectively. Here, there is a good news for the gambling sites is that they are still in the early stages. That means there is a plenty of chance for disruption.

To say for instance, “a small kid, who is 12 years old is just coming up with some Bitcoin Gambling game. If fortune favours him, he makes money in abundance. To be precise, this is what happening and everything is possible”.

There is surely possibility everywhere, however, by overcoming a few challenges in the midst of the way.


It is to be strongly felt, that there is an another thing that functions in the cryptocurrency’s favour and that is the innovative nature of its community. The idea of cyrptocurrency is itself is new, which has built upon the cryptography, that is based on the decentralization of autonomous networking principles induced by Satoshi. Hence, in such an innovative atmosphere, there is no a need for astonishment of emerging up of new technologies and gaming models.

bitcoin casino

There are also other discoveries that have emerged from the crypto gambling community. For instance provably Fair gaming.

There are even other areas of innovation. To be precise, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly important.

As of today, a plenty of gaming industry expert people are emerging into with a prosperity of gaming industry knowledge and experience. This is a clear indication of industrial maturity.


There are yet challenges for those personnel who are aspiring for starting Bitcoin Casinos. However, the experts from different walks of life will see the different threats. The first and the foremost threat is legislation. An another great problem is marketing. It is advised that, if there is lack of knowledge in marketing field, then, it would be fine for handing it over to the professionals for preparing the budget by working upon it.

Now, security is even be considered as a big problem.

bitcoin casino

It is about preserving the Bitcoin safely. That is not just like securing the cold storage. It means beyond that. It is about looking after issues such as automated withdrawals, for helping the sites, for taking innovative measures, for not allowing the criminals for taking advantage of poorly configured scripts. It is advised that, at this need of the hour, there must be a drastic improvisation and that must be beyond industry standards.


The success of cryptocurrencies in the market, depends upon many number of factors. One of the most important crucial factor is regulation.

bitcoin casino

Despite of all these circumstances, Bitcoin however has managed to embolden some entrepreneurs, who are openly allowing the players for gambling by using the cryptocurrency.


It is strongly suggested that while playing Bitcoin Casino games online, choosing a fabulous platform is highly advised. To have an easy access for this choosing process, it is better to go through a Bitcoin Casino reviews online. It would be always better to realize that the published reviews upon the web surely acts as a key role in searching the best gambling site. They tend to serve as ever reliable source of the valuable information, which is helpful in knowing more about specific gaming platforms.

For example, for knowing about the type of Bitcoin Blackjack and Casino gaming that are obtainable in the gaming library or whether the gaming is fairer or not, it will be easy for finding it in the reviews. Even the reviews tend to impart the information related to the kind of software availed and the achievable ways of mobile or desktop, that the Bitcoin Casino can be reached before playing the Bitcoin Blackjack.

Though it is greatly appreciated, for the immediate play concept of profuse Bitcoin casinos, it is exactly that prevalence of a mobile Bitcoin casino, which will genuinely make Bitcoin gambling still more fun, convenient and reachable.

bitcoin casino

At the same time, the trustworthiness of the paying options of a gaming platform is extensively generated in a Bitcoin Casino review. This, in addition from gaming, is an important aspect of a Bitcoin Casino, that must have to be always be verified. While plenty of reviews out sketch the minimum deposit and payouts, the figures of needed approvals, and also the manner of transferring amount, it is also desperate for learning about the measures the casino takes for keeping the funds and the system protected.

Anyway, If a Bitcoin Casino Review is not reliable enough, it may spell ordinarily. The patrons treat it as casually as possible. Hence, it is instructed that, depending upon such reviews must be limited for the reliable and legit casinos only. In this manner, surely the players can choose the top-notch gambling websites upon the web.

bitcoin casino

A valuable piece of advise for players is, to gamble responsibly and moderately with Bitcoin and Fiat currencies. It would be really foolishness to consider the gambling as a path of earning money. It is also suggested that playing with money , with which that an individual can afford to lose is really appreciable. If the player happens to have any worry or anxiety pertaining to gambling or influenced by someone else’s gambling, then, it would be fair to contact the authorized services.




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FortuneJack is an online well established Bitcoin Casino, that was been launched in the year of 2014. This casino is offering a plenty of games for playing. Several customers are thronging towards this casino, because of its multiple payment options.


Since, from the day one of their launch they are sustaining to attain their growth, by accepting and using Bitcoin as a currency. FortuneJack is a silver member of the BTC Foundation. They are 100% licensed. Here, the Dice, Keno, Video Poker, Live Roulette, Live Sicbo and Bingo are the 6 main gambling zones of this Bitcoin Casino.

What is BTC?

Freedom in Payment! Learn more about the advantages of using BTC currency. #Gambling #BTC #FJcasino

Posted by FortuneJack on Friday, October 2, 2015

FortuneJack Casino is providing a low house edge of 1%, which is a massive drawcard for the site and as well as a whopping variety of gaming upon offer. One more feature , that is worth mentioning is that the entire gaming can be played in play and real money.


The real money includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Zcash, Peercoin, Namecoin, Reddcoin and Novacoin respectively.


The software used by the website of FortuneJack are Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, Igrosoft, Betgames, Booming Games, Endorphina and there are yet many more. As of now, the Microgaming is going to be considered as the fine among other software providers, because, most of them are not at all famous in most of the casinos. The Microgaming, because of its seniority in slot developing can be deemed as the most successful and most popular choice out there.


The website of this Bitcoin Casino is quiet attractive and intuitive. Here, the player dashboard, that is capable of loading automatically upon login, will be offering a fine snapshot of all the related account information, and that is inclusive of balances, bonus and loyalty program status and also any missed messages, that tends to bring the players towards the gaming content.


The gaming library of this FortuneJack site is offering the Live Dealer Roulette and SIc Bo 24/7. They are providing even a collection of proprietary, provably fair gaming such as Blackjack, Dice and a slot machine, keno, bingo, video poker and the Fortune Wheel respectively. It is to be noted that, the Blackjack and Fortune Wheel are offering maximum bets of .1, with a .05 betting limit upon the majority of the other games.

There prevails a Binary Option client at this Bitcoin Casino, that is supplied by Barchart. The binary option enables the users for betting upon whether an underlying asset, likewise as currency pairs such as USD or EUR, and Metals like Gold and Silver, stocks like Google, or even the earnings of FortuneJack may rise or fall.

The Users Bet or a Speculation upon the market direction. If an individual prefers to give an outcome within a span of stipulated time period of 1 minute, 5 minutes, one hour, three hours, or twenty four hours. A successful foretelling will earn a 1.8x return, where as the wager is lost if the market moves towards the adjacent direction.


Provably Fair Gaming can be considered as a solid feature of FortuneJack Casino. The gaming lobby of this casino right from slots to the Fortune Wheel and Bingo avails this technology of provably fair gaming. The entire gaming uses the off-chain method. Prior to each and every new game, a server seed and a random secret number series are generated and hashed together. This hash is revealed to the player, who then is enabled for manually entering a client seed. By means of availing the standard option for provably fair gaming the client seed and the non hashed server seed are then digitally “shuffled”.

The server seed would be simply a string of letters and numbers, that is representing a card or a particular number or even a symbol upon a slot machine. The entry of client seed tends to act as unpredictable variable, which influence the outcome of the subsequent shuffle.

Then the player will be shown the secret and the server seed for verifying the integrity of the resulting hash. This method assures that the Bitcoin Casino is not in a position for fixing a deck, and the player is capable for testing this upon every hand.

Is FortuneJack a place for playing Poker” For this question an answer can be readily given as “Yes”.

Because, poker is one of those games, that everybody might have at least heard about it. There is a myth among the gambling circles that this popular card game can be played only at brick and mortar casinos. However, that is not true. To be exact, as of now, even the gambling websites are providing their players an opportunity for taking a couple of hands.

This card game can now be played by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other like. So, where to play this game? Unarguably, FortuneJack is a correct place for perfect gambling website for digital currency lovers, since, it allows many of them, by allowing their players for having a more bit of fun, by availing their favorite options of payment.


 FortuneJack Casino does not only allows the gamblers for taking bets in the currency of their choice, but also does not need them for downloading specialized software. Here, poker game can be played freely and can even be enjoyed in free game mode, at where the gamblers can enjoy themselves with play money. The real bets can be taken at quite a few various tables, by offering the gamblers, the choice for playing the different versions of poker like Hold’Em, Omaha or 7 Stud.


This casino is enabling a “security question” that is needed for login for safeguarding the account against thefts. They are providing a big bounty. This is exclusively meant for providing the qualitative assurance as well as a sort of crowdsourced security auditing. This casino is even hiring an SSL encryption technology system, by means of which the data that is related to the personal or the financial transactions of a player can be kept protected. Thus this casino is striving more for preserving the privacy of a player for storing in a safe zone.


 The customer caring support of this Bitcoin Casino functions through the day and night. They are offering the support like email, live chat function. Here, emailing would be the best bet for having a fine and fast response.


At FortuneJack Casino there prevails a First Deposit Bonus and that is 110% matched up to 1 BTC and 250 Free Spins.

Fortunejack casino bonuses and promotions

How to receive the First Time Deposit Bonus?

For getting the First Time Deposit Bonus, a player is needed to activate the bonus prior to making the first deposit. This can be found under “My Account” –>”Bonus” and then “Activate” has to be buttoned.

What are the terms & conditions that are laid for receiving for receiving first time deposit bonus?

The First Time Deposit Bonus is eligible only for new players, who have not deposited so far still.

The initial deposit must have to be made within a span of seven days of registering.

The minimum amount, which has to be deposited for claiming a deposit bonus is fixed at 0.01 BTC.

It is to be noted that, the deposit bonus is valid only for 7 days for activation and there would be a wager of 14x.

The main account funds are availed, before any bonus funds.

Bonus money has to be wagered for 40x before withdrawing.

The maximum allowed bet amount, at the time of a bonus, that is pending, or actively being turned over is 0.0125 BTC .

The bets that are exclusively made using bonus money will count towards the wagering need. Here, the bonus money will be availed for only once upon the original deposit, that is going to be used.

Playing by availing practice money, will not count towards the wagering requirements.

What are the provisions and norms that are ordered for receiving Free Spins?

By making after their first deposit, the new players are entitled for receiving 250 Free Spins.

A minimum of 0.05 BTC or more must be the first deposit, that is to be made.

The free spins will be credited, when once the deposit amount has been wagered for 1x in the Slot games at this Bitcoin Casino within a matter of three days.

25 Free Spins will be granted per day, for ten days in aggregate.

The first set of free spins will be credited for a player’s account at 00.01 BST, after wagering the first deposit amount for 1x.

The entire free spins must be availed by 23:59 BST upon the day, they were given.

The free spins, which are not availed by 23:59 BST upon the day of issue, will be surely truncated from a player’s account, and they will not be reconsidered in the future.

It has to be noted that, the Free Spins can be availed only for certain gaming.

Here, the Bonus money can be used for only once, the moment when the funds in the main account has been used.

The bonus money is subjected for a 50x rollover requirement and this has to be met before any winning of money, from free spins, that are converted into real money.

The maximum allowed bet would be 0.0125 BTC, when a bonus is pending or in the process of being turned over.

Only the bets that are made by availing bonus money will be counted towards the wagering requirement of the bonus.



The deposits at FortuneJack Casino would be quiet easy and fast. However, the entire deposits may require at least one confirmation before playing. It is to be remembered that a verification of email is a must before withdrawing the balances. So, no an another verification is required. Here, at this casino the withdrawals are processed with a great rapidity. And a preference for withdrawing with a different Altcoin with FortuneJack’s immediate in-house exchange is well permitted. The transactions at this casino will be done with an immediate effect. There would be a tiny fee, that is levied upon transactions, which is considered as a pretty cool feature.


This casino is a combination of classic crypto games and casino games.

The deposits and withdrawals are immediately processed. There will be only email verification.

There is an in-house crypto exchange with a 9 different crypto currencies.

Players are facilitated with mobile play.

There is an inimitable Binary Trader Game.


This casino holding a license from the Government of Nevis and Saint Kitts. This provably fair gaming casino is availing Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash and to name a few. The website is facilitating the players for playing lottery games, live games, video games and betting games respectively.

Launched in the year of 2014, FortuneJack is authorized by the jurisdiction of Curacao, that is permitting a broad list of countries for registering here. The distinctive feature of this casino, that can be worth mentioned here is its focus upon becoming the leading cryptocurrency only based place for betting and winning. Here, at this casino, the entire content is offered in English and Russian. In accordance with the official statistics, mostly the visits will be from United States of America, Brazil, Canada, Ukraine and Russia respectively.

The players can have the entertainment directly from an online library for both desktop and mobile devices since, this casino has combined multiple software developers. So, there is no a necessity of downloading for any sort. An additional service, which is nothing but handy blog, will be serving as a great starting place for e-gaming newcomers.  FortuneJack digital currency casino has been really clutched by the roots of BTC Gambling, which is focusing upon an anonymous and rapid deposits and withdrawals. This casino is availing wherever and whenever possible, the cryptographic proof for demonstrating their fairness of playing.